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1h privat lesson                             
1:1 teaching  60$


You have attended some kitelessons before or you are looking for individual training ? Going upwind, first transition jumps or be it your first kiteloop ? We teach you like you need it.


How about your first ride in the waves.




 3h teaser


1:1 teaching 150$ - 2:1 teching 110$

The course is especially designed to give you an impression on how a kite feels. You’ll enjoy your first bodydrags at the end of the lesson




6h waterstart package

1:1 teaching 300$ – 2:1 teaching 210$
Here is the whole thing! Bodydragging is already pretty much fun, but you want more!
Then this is what you were looking for! We’ll bring you on the board safely and you’ll ride your first meters.
9h The “going upwind” package
1:1 teaching 420$ 
The „walk of shame“ is nothing for you? No problem – This is your package! After you have been riding your first meters, you will be able to change the direction and ride against the wind!
12h The “all in one” Package
1:1 teaching 540$ 
You want it all ? We coach you to a real kiteboarder towards your first jumps.

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